About Us


Expert personnel in mechanical, electrical and automation areas, control and thermal performance; empowering our clients with flexible alternatives on:
  • Maintenance overhauls for GTs, STs and Generators
  • Turbomachinery Retrofits
  • BOP Maintenance (Power Plants, LNG Refineries)
  • Modernization and automation solutions
  • Training in O&M
  • Availability of flex mobile power plants>20MW
Since 2004 PESS  has been a provider of integral services and solutions of the electric generation industry. PESS counts with experimented personal in multi-brand equipments in the areas: mechanic, electric and control. This allow us to offer to our clients and alternate way against the OEM’s for energy generation centrals in the areas of:
  • Installation, operation and manteinance of generators centrals.
  • Refactoring supply, repairing and repowering of turbogenerators and generation equipments.
  • Control’s systems modernization y process automation.
  • Training in operations and manteinance of power generation plants.
  • Supply and operation of mobile generation plants.
  • More flexibility, allowing offering custom solutions for each client.
  • Agility. Less response time to clients.
  • Bilingual personal, multidisciplinary, multi-brand, and wide experience and proved effectiveness on the field.
  • Alliances with first level workshops, gaining synergy that translates in direct benefits for the client.


PESS’s mission is to achieve customer satisfaction, focusing in:
  • Providing the highest quality services, allowing higher profitability to the client.
  • Have highly skilled personnel.
  • Follow creativity and continuous research strategies.
  • Perform an efficient use of human, intellectual, and financial resources.
  • Promote multidisciplinary teamwork.

Corporate Values

Corporate values guiding the development of the company are clear and applied to each and every one of its actions:
  • Focused on the Customer: Satisfy and anticipate the needs of customers.
  • Quality: Consistently exceed the customers’ expectations.
  • Teamwork: Maintain a work environment based on respect, communication, and integration.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Continuously seek for new ideas to create and improve products and services.
  • Integrity: Promote and preserve ethics and honesty values.


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