Mobile Gas Turbines

TM2500 Mobile Gas Turbines


  • Additional Power: By replacing power because of the increasing demand or insufficient capacity for planned shutdowns.
  • Network Stabilization: Reliably ensures network stability and providing reactive power to improve transmission network efficiency.
  • Demand Peaks: Supports temporary demand for additional power and prevents power outages.


  • Natural Disasters: Provides temporary power after unplanned emergencies.
  • Unplanned outages: Temporary solution for network failures or unscheduled outages.

Distributed generation

  • Geographic Flexibility: Allows temporary power after unplanned emergencies to remote locations, rural electrification.
  • Regional Substation: Provides additional capacity to remote substations or by zone.

Cada TM2500 tiene capacidad de arranque en negro con combustible líquido. (20MW en operación pico, condiciones ISO.)

Rental of mobile gas turbine TM2500

Flexibility in Operation

  • The TM2500 is available with or without personnel for operation.
  • Fuel supplied by the customer.
  • Control interface with remote capability. (Turbologik)
  • Start cycle less than 10 minutes for base load.
  • Rapid core exchange 2-3 days in extended rental periods, minimal unavailability.


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